Sunday, March 4, 2012

Tenuta Sassoregale Sangiovese 2009 (Maremma, Tuscany)

Under screwcap and sub-$15 at retail in Australia is a pretty good start for an Italian sangiovese. From the Maremma, the 2009 Tenuta Sassoregale offers bright red fruits, a hit of tangy refreshment and a touch of varietal sangiovese tannin. The fruit does dip on the mid-palate and wash out somewhat on the finish, but this does not really matter if you have a plate of pork sausages on the table and a weeknight urge for sangiovese. Decent and another example of the value (and screwcap certainty) now coming in from Italy.


  1. Hi Paul, is there a better wine similar to this you would recommend? I love this wine, I think I've gone through a couple of dozen bottles this summer! Looking to broaden my very limited horizons.

  2. Two suggestions, Aaron;
    - grab some Coriole sangiovese (stocked all over, sub-$20 at bigger retail) for a hit of somewhat fuller sangiovese fruit
    - try to get some of the Gran Sasso montepulciano from an e-tailer like Boccaccio Cellars or Winestar (closer to $10 a bottle). Different grape, but another face of good value and accessible Italian red wine.

    Let me know how you go.