Monday, April 4, 2011

Brown Brothers NV Prosecco (King Valley)

I have never had a wine that tasted so much of lemon sherbet. This is fairly simple and straightforward charmat-style prosecco, but none the worse for that. The wine has a final alcohol of 11% and stays bright and crisp from nose through palate and finish. The lemon sherbet flavours and characters (the pressure-tank fizz) do repay some attention. There is a fresh lemon aspect, a touch of candied lemon, and also a kind of 'chemical lemon' commercial confectionary note (much better than it sounds) all working together. Perhaps fruit of different ripeness and multiple picks from the Banksdale vineyard in the King Valley? While I'm unsure a cork closure rather than crown seal makes sense for this wine, it does the business as a $20 a bottle aperitif prosecco. Which is more than I can say for the Flash-dependent Brown Brothers website.

Update - Brown Brothers are certainly on the ball. They've advised me they are part way through removing Flash from their website, aiming to have the whole site iphone compliant. Nice work and great to have feedback from the winery at such pace.


  1. I haven't come round to trying BB's Prosecco yet Paul, although it's definitely on the cards. How do you think its value for money compares to Dal Zotto's Pucino Prosecco?


  2. Thanks for the comment Chris. If you can find both the Dal Zotto Puccino at $18 or so a bottle, and the Brown Brothers at about the same price, I reckon the value for money is comparable. Where I found this wine to be all about variants on lemon (and lemon sherbet) the Dal Zotto has a bit of apple/pear going on as well. Charmat well-used for the Puccino - haven't tried the twice-the-price Dal Zotto methode champenoise prosecco yet.