Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Winter in the vineyard - young grenache

In 2009 we started converting the struggling upper pinot block to varieties for a red Rhone blend. The photograph is of a 2009-planted BVRC38 clone grenache vine being taken back to two buds. Gro-guards are reapplied after cutting the vines back, checking the mulch isn't touching the trunk, weeding if needed and giving them a bit of fertiliser. These vines will come away strongly in Spring, pushing up the guards and to the cordon wire. Later this year, the conversion of the block will continue with grafting of some roussanne and the planting of more vines.

The intention for the blend is to have something like:
  • grenache, 33%
  • shiraz, 28% (different clones to the other Quarry Hill shiraz)
  • mataro, 23%
  • cinsault, 10%
  • roussanne, 6%.

Something to look out for in 2012, perhaps? Or after. These things take a while.

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