Sunday, June 6, 2010

Fog lifting at Quarry Hill

Walked through the vineyard this morning with Mark Terrell and Shane Hackett. Shane was there to look at the fate of the grafting he did last Spring, and take new budwood for further grafting. It was a very foggy morning, with heavy dew. Though we are about to go into the second week of winter, the vineyard is not yet fully dormant. This is especially the case with the younger vines, such as the grenache rootlings planted in 2009, some of which still had active tip growth. Shane took budwood from the 2006 tempranillo plantings, and the grafted sangiovese and sagrantino. The photo is of the fog lifting, looking across sauvignon blanc (left front) down to savagnin, sangiovese and tempranillo. The block on the right starts with 1999 plantings of pinot right at the top, then shiraz, until some grafted tempranillo and sagrantino at the bottom.

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