Friday, April 5, 2013

Bersano 'Nirvasco' Barolo 2007 (Piedmont)

Barolo at $40? A price where you might feel lucky to find a good Langhe nebbiolo, but foreign country for Barolo or Barbaresco. It is a combination of canny buying and the exchange rate that makes this possible, and the wine is worth seeking out.

Ripe nebbiolo fruits tuck in behind typical, but not overwhelming, tannins. There is a drying aspect to the finish, but pleasantly so, especially with richer foods. A roast lamb rack, potatoes with rosemary roasted in lard, garlic zucchini - that worked well with the deft combination of juicy and chewy characteristics of the wine. Nebbiolo and lamb fat. Tasty.

Cork, 14.5% alcohol, $40, purchase.

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