Friday, November 25, 2011

Fiano & Malaysian food

A quick note on a surprising match (for me). Dinner for a birthday last night at Abel's Kopi Tiam restaurant in Manuka. Walking over from the bus, I go past Vintage Cellars and decide to duck in. Let's not dwell on the service, but I notice a bottle in the chill cabinet of the 2010 Fox Gordon Adelaide Hills Fiano for less than a $20 and decide to take it to dinner, along with the 2007 Lazy Ballerina McLaren Vale shiraz viognier from David Hook I was already lugging.

A large-ish group, so a banquet was the plan. Fried squid in spice, a good chicken satay, fresh roti, lots of vegetables, rich noodles, a chicken curry, beef rendang & rice... The fiano did a surprisingly good job against everything other than the rendang. The fleshy, candied-lemon texture and flavours, plus a touch of phonolic grip, all worked well with the moderately spiced food.

So, Fiano and Malaysian food. Worth a try, I think.

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  1. Once upon a time I was recommended a verdicchio to pair with Vietnamese food. Thought that worked ok too, particularly once I'd got past the whole concept of matching an Italian wine to South-East Asian food (weird how I don't have any problem in drinking Australian vino with any sort of cuisine!) I can see how the more rounded palate of the Fiano would complement the richer flavours found in Malaysian food. Cheers Matthew.