Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sangiovese and serving temperature

Last night, out for dinner at Pulp Kitchen in Ainslie, we worked our way through a simple bottle of a sangiovese from Abruzzo at a range of different temperatures.

First pour: This would have been served at about 25 degrees. Almost volatile, fruit flavours blurry and diffuse. Not really drinkable, but better with a little ice added from the water glass. Bottle returned to the fridge.

Second pour: Around 20 degrees. Started to show a demarcation of red and purple fruits. Nose lost lift and prickle and started to show some cherry characters. Better drinking, including with potato and chive gnocchi. Sent back to the fridge for more cool time.

Last pour: Around 16 degrees. Much clearer expression of varietal characters. Acid and tannin now in focus, though still a softer, easy drinking style of sangiovese. A good match for a simple but tasty dish with cotechino sausage and lentils.

Kind of good to have some of the wisdom about impact of serving temperature confirmed like this - in the one place, from the same bottle.

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